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See full summary » Set during the Korean War, a Navy fighter pilot must come to terms with with his own ambivalence towards the war and the fear of having to bomb a set of highly defended bridges. See full summary » A Union Cavalry outfit is sent behind Confederate lines in strength to destroy a rail/supply center.

Dexter-Haven, a successful popular jazz musician, lives in a mansion near his ex-wife's Tracy Lord's family estate.

Rian falls for Catherine and is torn between his love for her and his love for the "green fire" of emeralds.

When Rian (Stewart Granger) is looking for a grubstake, a small boy tries to sell him a lottery ticket. Bobby Blake does the same to Humphrey Bogart in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. See more » The wheelbarrows being loaded to take up to the mine are not an industrial/mining wheelbarrow.

"Bag Boy Lover Boy" follows the lowly life of Albert, an oddball hotdog vendor who is shocked to find himself suddenly becoming the bizarre muse of enigmatic NYC photographer Ivan.

Along with them is sent a doctor who causes instant antipathy between him and the ...

See full summary » Rian Mitchell discovers an emerald deposit in South America, but gets chased away before he can start to mine.

They are common shallow garden wheelbarrows of the type found in the US in the 50's and 60's. Not the type that would be seen in a mining operation.

It is designed for bi couples and other open-minded persons to chat, hook up, make friends and more.

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