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There are some people in this world who are responsible with their hearts.

Upon meeting someone who piques their interest, they remain guarded and take it slow, reveling in the process of courtship and making sure they don't fall too quickly. They detect signs of trouble if they arise and are capable of walking away from the situation if they need to.

Last month my favorite stat-site, Statistic Brain released a set of fascinating online dating statistics.

To examine this question, I will first describe what I mean by profound love and then consider the value of online dating in finding it.

Profundity and Superficiality Profound activities are essential for our development and wellbeing; they have an enduring influence on our life and may also shape our personality.

Superficial activities affect only the surface of our lives—they are more limited in their scope and immediate impact and they can have a negative influence on our lives, if we engage in them too frequently.

Women lie most about: Weight, Physical Build, and Age Men lie most about; Age, Height, and Income Thanks for the info Statistic Brain!

He has a great relationship with his female family members. He's busy and fulfilled with a productive hobby or career.

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