Richard armitage dating sophia myles

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However, Richard has not yet taken the liberty to tell everyone how they were introduced to each other, where they met for the first time and when. However, a source claims that the couple first met on the sets of The Crucible which seems to be true enough because, in April of 2014, news came that Richard Armitage and Samantha Colley will be playing together in The Crucible which was said to be the year’s most important theatrical production.Caption: Richard Armitage with Samantha Colley at The Crucible after party in 2014.“And with dirt and mascara running down my face, I look really grimy.” Of course, the garish outfit is soon replaced with the cool leather gear of an MI5 superspy when Myles joins the slick BBC One drama’s ninth season as Agent Beth Bailey.But Myles’s grubby debut is noteworthy because it’s a leap from the crinolined English roses we’ve seen her play up to now in costume dramas such as Mansfield Park, The Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby and Tristan & Isolde.‘If I had a tattoo, it would say “Lucas woz ‘ere”,’ says the 39-year-old. And maybe a couple of those ­comedy-tragedy actors’ masks.‘Actually, I wouldn’t want a tattoo at all. But I know how important the body art is to Lucas North. There is no more significant ­tattoo on his body than the William Blake picture Urizen.It depicts God as the ­architect and it is a reminder to Lucas he cannot construct his own destiny.‘As this ninth series builds to a climax, he realises that he no longer has control. In the final episode, he’s being hunted by his former colleagues. I suspect he always knew it would.’And the same can be said of the actor playing him.

But it was a bonnets-and-breeches outing that gave a 16-year-old Myles her big break a decade and a half ago, when Gosford Park screenwriter Julian Fellowes spotted her in a play at her Isleworth comprehensive and cast the vicar’s daughter as Lady Jane Grey in his 1996 TV series, The Prince and The Pauper.“He’d come to my school because it was exam time and the private schools wouldn’t let their kids out to film,” explains Myles drily, who still keeps in touch with Fellowes.Richard Armitage is waiting to shoot the final scene of the ­current series of Spooks, in which he plays MI5 agent Lucas North.He’s obviously on edge, as his ­character’s fate is still hanging in the balance. For all the ladies out there, your time is up if you ever thought of getting married to Richard Armitage because he is now a fiancé to his girlfriend.We know that came out of nowhere, but it was meant to be. Richard Armitage aka Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy is quite famous for his work in the movies.

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