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In 1959-1960 some serial numbers were at the bottom instead of the usual top.

I was just recommended to this forum by an acquaintance from ebay... Turns out that the manufacturing date is May, 1993 (in case you're at all curious). -Greg I just traded a Gretsch for a VK the Serial number is 3748 and no there are no letters in front of those numbers.

(face it...the headstock ain't right..just ain't a strat) what more could you ask for in a project guitar?

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I guess it STANDS FOR EIGHTY EIGHT but have never seen EE b4 only E8 for the same year....please someone put me out of my misery!!!! Steviesam after reading up some about it, it seems many people do relate the EE number to early american standards (years 1985-1988). You might find this (please click) Fender website helpful Post edited by: Slash, at: 2007/08/15 The "EE" designation is an "export" designation on the serial number. Bought around Jan 1987, American Standard Gunmetal blue with white pickguard. By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.Serial numbers from this period can only date the instruments by several years precision, so it's hard to appraise one just by looking at it personally or in photo books.In years 1957-1958 serial numbers where starting by a "-" sign, or "0" before the number.Is there a chance this is a FAKE or are there spaces sometimes in Serial Numbers?Hey, thanks for that Slash, do you know how reliable that site is?

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