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The Malaysia island of Penang is arguably one of Asia's best street food destinations.

It offers a mix of traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes, as well as fusion cuisines such as Baba Nyonya, or Peranakan, which incorporates regional ingredients and Chinese and Malay cooking methods.

Manitoulin Island is a stress-free paradise filled with beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

Visitors will enjoy scenic hiking trails, water activities and exciting community events within the town.

I grew up in the capital, Ottawa, where each winter the Rideau Canal freezes over to form the world's longest skating rink.

In sweltering summers, we'd head to my best friend's cottage on Lake Ontario and dive off the wooden jetty into the deep, cold water, or camp in the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park, where we'd hoist our food up into the trees to fool the bears.

In autumn, the woods were ablaze with bright oranges and deep reds, as though swept by a benign forest fire.

It is known particularly for being a meeting ground for all sorts of sea birs, including razor-billed auks, kittiwakes, murres, and Artic puffins.

All of it can be found in hawker centers and shop houses throughout George Town.

Combine this with the city's collection of historic buildings in various styles, from old English colonial mansions to classical Chinese shophouses and Islamic mosques, and you have a city made for walking and eating.

Though Canada is a young country not always known for its love of history, the residents here maintain their old buildings with care. But she was crying because the mould was so bad she couldn't breathe, and had to throw out all her fur coats.

I find an extreme example of this when I meet up with a friend of a friend, Shannon Kyles, a flame-haired whirlwind of a woman and a professor of architecture, who has recently moved house. Six years ago, Kyles was contacted by the owner of a Georgian cottage in Ancaster, Ontario, which was about to be demolished, and was asked if there was anything she wanted to salvage. Some of the wood was so wet you could push a finger through it.'All the same, Kyles took the lot and, with the help of her students, labelled every salvageable piece, and had it all flat-packed and stored until she could pinpoint the perfect setting.

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