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Ahmed Ghailani, also on that list, was captured in Pakistan a month later.

Soon thereafter, several press reports, claiming UN and official US sources, described the participation of several al-Qaeda personnel, including Mohammed and Ghailani, in the acquisition and movement of diamonds in Liberia.

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Mohammed spent time in Mogadishu planning a truck bombing against a United Nations establishment there, and was in the city on 3 October 1993, when Somali gunmen brought down two American helicopters and killed 18 U. One was the truck bombing of Paradise Hotel, in which 15 were killed.

Mohammed is suspected in Kenya of involvement in two attacks in Mombasa on November 26, 2002.

In early 2007, during the War in Somalia, Mohammed was thought to be in the border area near Ras Kamboni, along with remnants of the Islamic Courts Union.The other was the launch of two shoulder-fired missiles at an Israeli airliner on takeoff; the missiles missed and there were no casualties.On May 26, 2004, United States Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller announced that reports indicated that Mohammed was one of seven al-Qaeda members who were planning a terrorist action for the summer or fall of 2004.Shamanism is the oldest form of religion and the belief is that there is one Supreme Being..all is derived from this and is interrelated.In Europe, Shamanic practitioners were persecuted as witches in the name of orthodox religion.

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