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The primary difference between C corporations and S corporations is that C corporations are taxed twice on earned income: : once at the corporate level when the income is earned, and again at the shareholder level when the income is distributed.

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However, it is easy to be confused by several different dates a company may specify when informing investors of their dividend structure.

Whether this remains beneficial or not following the increase in capital gains tax following George Osborne's 2010 Emergency Budget, will depend firstly upon the CGT base cost of the shares in the company, whether Entrepreneur's relief will be available (see below), and also the taxpayer's marginal tax rate.

Capital gains will count as the top splice of a taxpayer's income, and will be taxed at 18% for gains that take the taxpayer up to the basic rate limit, then 28% thereafter.

For example, when a country club or similar organization charges fees (dues) to members and provides substantial service benefits, e.g., the use of golfing, tennis and swimming facilities, the membership fees are not related to sales even though the organization may establish minimum meal and drink purchase requirements for its members. Initial or periodic membership fees received by consumer cooperatives, as defined in sections 6011..1 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, are not subject to tax.

(1) For purposes of this regulation, beginning January 1, 2016, the term "nominal amount" means an amount totaling or less per year subject to increase as provided in subdivision (b)(2).

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