Who is tom cruise dating currently

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So “The Mummy,” starring Tom Cruise, raises a key aesthetic question: How, exactly, do you reboot empty-calorie creature-feature superficiality?

The new “Mummy,” you may be surprised to hear, doesn’t have a whole lot of show-stopping visual flimflam up its sleeve. I’ll herald this with a major spoiler alert (if you don’t want to know what happens in “The Mummy,” please stop reading), though it’s really the essential premise of the movie.

It’s also the reasons why Tom Cruise hardly has time for his daughter Suri Cruise, 10.

Obviously, his divorce from Katie Holmes was a quick and ugly one.

He deals with the fact that he’s got evil inside him by treating it in a highly practical and energized fashion — as a problem to be solved.

A man from the church contacted her and told her she would be awarded the “Medal of Valor”, a prestigious award given to devout Scientologists.

Tom Cruise was once one of the world’s most loved celebrities, and even though his reputation took a beating in the last decade due to his involvement with the controversial religion, Scientology, his popularity still remained high.

That could all change due to some shocking new claims by Tom’s ex-girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi, 36, who secretly dated Tom a few years ago.

According to Radar Online, Nazanin describes Tom as unpredictable, and prone to temper tantrums and violent tendencies.

The allegations are now coming to light because in January 2010, Nazanin participated in an FBI investigation of the Church of Scientology, who was being accused of “human trafficking”.

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