History of interracial dating marriage

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Four hundred years ago this past spring, North America witnessed its first interracial marriage.Most Americans don’t know the time or place of the ceremony, but everyone knows the bride—Pocahontas, the famous Powhatan princess.Since her death in 1617, she’s been the inspiration for hundreds of paintings, poems, and plays, not to mention movies and marketing campaigns.Her rescue of John Smith from execution has become a founding myth of American culture, retold by one generation after another. However, many people soon saw Asian intermarriage with Whites as a threat to American society.

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After a brutal war in 1622, the English drove most Powhatans from the area.If you would like to read about the exact procedure J. Huang and I used to calculate these numbers, visit the Statistical Methodology page.These are certainly a lot of numbers to consider and as I mentioned above, each model presents a different proportion.“Blacks and whites marry least among those who intermarry.And we have to ask ourselves why that is and what does it mean.” It’s certainly a fact that since slavery, negative views of blacks have been passed down through generations and continue to permeate segments of society.

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